Meet the Staff of Frenz Auto Sales

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Alvaro - Owner

414-349-3357 - frenz2021@hotmail.com

As co-owner of this establishment, our staff an I strive to provide you with the best service we can. We want you to be happy with our services! It is my goal to treat you fairly and honestly whenever you interact with us. The Auto World can be a scary world to interact with, but I want you to feel comfortable here at Frenz Auto Sales! Check back with us to see what new inventory we have that meets your needs!

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Filo - Owner

5745811183 - frenz2021@hotmail.com

Hello Monticello! Welcome to our dealership, Frenz Auto Sales! I'm here to help you with your automotive needs. I'd be happy to assist you in the best way I can! You can catch me here during our business hours posted on our website! Don't speak english? That's okay! Yo hablo espaƱol y puedo ayudar! With our growing inventory, we can find something for you, even if we don't have it here on the lot!

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Vicky - Owner

574 297 1114 - frenz2021@hotmail.com

Hello! I'm the co-owner of Frenz Auto Sales! You can reach me via our number! If you have any questions, I'm here to help! Weather it be about a vehicle or financing options, I can help!